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Garden Photos

I hope you enjoy "visiting" my gardens via the web.
We are spread out over two states. Eden is in southwest Georgia. Lilypad is just east of Tallahassee in the Florida panhandle. Every weekend, we head for the other house for a few days.
The photos of Eden were taken several years ago. We've lost quite a few pine trees, so we've got more sun now.
Our home at Lilypad was finished about 10 years ago. The gardens are ever expanding, although I think I have reached the point where I've got more than I can handle now.
Our cat Lily (pictured) is no longer with us. She never quite came to terms with the travelling arrangements. Our current cat, Cheeto, stays primarily at Lilypad. Sam I Am has adopted us and another family at Eden.
I am a few years older and a have a little grayer hair than these photos show, but aren't we all?





Sam I Am

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