Kaye's Kreations Daylily Gardens .

2013 introductions!

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H. Lilypad Legacy ~ 5" bloom on a 22" scape. This tet flower has an average of 20 buds with 3-way branching. MRe and Evr. Medium rose pink with watermark and gold piecrust edge over gold throat. ((Peaches and Gold × John Peat) × (Spacecoast Fancy Dancer × Edith Sliger)).  $25/df


H. Lilypad Lipstick Lines ~ With really good substance, this tetraploid blooms at 5.75" on 24" scapes. Bud count is 24 with 3-way branching. EMRe and Evr. Ruffled pink with red eye, double edge and white midribs over green throat.
(Sabine Baur × Amish Linen). $30/df  Limited.


H. Monticello Majesty ~ This tet is a rosy pink ruffled bitone, with white midribs and yellow to green throat. My first extra large intro, blooms are 7" on 26" scapes. Branching is 3-way with an average of 14 buds. Fragrant, EMRe and Sev. (Rib Tickling x Glory in Red)  $35/df  Limited


H. Monticello Mood ~ 6.5" bloom on a 31" scape. This dormant dip double has an average of 18 buds with 3-way branching and doubles 90% of the time. MRe and fragrant. Peach with pale midribs and gold throat.
(Forty Second Street x Sentinel Solar Burst) $20/df                      


H. Monticello Movement ~ This unusual form cascading diploid blooms at 8" on 36" scapes. Bud count is 20 with 3-way branchching. EMRe and Evr. Yellow peach with green throat.  (Wiregrass Greenstar x Frilly Bliss) $15/df 


H. Monticello Music ~ Deep rose, with a large wine eye and white midribs and a yellow green throat. Bloom starts early midseason, with rebloom continuing through the summer. Foliage is evergreen, blooms are 5.5" on 26" scapes. (Screen Pattern x Spacecoast Behavior Pattern) $20/df

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