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2016 introductions!

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H. Lilypad Libretto ~ My only tetraploid intro this year. This bright, sunny face shines out in the garden. Blooms are 5.5" with heavy substance, scapes a fairly compact 21". Among the earlier bloomers, it also reblooms. 3-way branching, 13 buds. Peach gold blend with cream midribs, peach to gold ruffled edge, yellow to green throat. Fertile both ways. Spacecoast Fancy Dancer x sdlg   Very limited. $100/df 


                      H. Lilypad Layers ~ 5" bloom on a 28" scape. This hose in hose double is dormant and blooms early midseason. Reblooms. 85% double. 2-way branching with 16 buds. Creamy peach with light rose chevron eye and gold to green throat. Fertile both ways. Mount Helena x Sentinel Solar Burst  $75/df 


H. Lilypad Luster ~ This showy large double stands out in the garden. Dormant, EM, fragrant. It doubles 95% of the time. 3 way branching, averaging 14 buds. Light gold with cream midribs. Pod fertile, not sure about pollen.
(Lacy Ruffles x Double Whammy) x Firefly Frenzy  $75/df


                                                            H. Monticello Mandate ~ This dip is a crispate unusual form. Blooms are 7" on tall 36" scapes. Evergreen, it blooms early midseason. Reblooms. Red violet with narrow blue violet watermark and wide gold to green throat. Fertile both ways. Yabba Dabba Doo x Laura Harwood  $50/df 


                         H. Monticello Medallion ~
My first polytepal intro. Large 8.25" bloom, 25" scape. Diploid, semi-evergreen, midseason rebloomer. It polys 95% of the time. 3-way branching with an average of 12 buds. Rose red with a peach watermark and green throat. (Violet Explosion x Pink Super Spider) x Chief Four Fingers  Limited availability.  $100/df


H. Monticello Mischief ~ This is called mischief because it likes to take a number of bloom shapes. An unusual form cascade, this diploid blooms early midseason and is an evergreen. The large 8" blooms are held on 31" scapes. Branching is 4-way with an average of 20 blooms. The flower is pale peach, with a red violet chevron eye and a large green throat. Pollen fertile. Not sure about pod. (Springtime Treasure x Regal Coronation) x Kirsten's Corsage Limited availability.  $100/df 


H. Monticello Mistress ~ An eyed delight of a double. This diploid is on the petite side, with 4.5" blooms on a 23" scape. A dormant, midseason rebloomer. It averages 14 buds and 3-way branching. 85% double. The bloom is a pale, creamy pink with a patterned violet eye and green throat. Pod fertile - not sure about pollen. Jean Swann x Little Pierre  $75/df


H. Monticello Misty Morn ~ I have been watching this patterned dip for several years. Pale cream pink, the violet eye is patterned and surrounds a green throat. Blooms are 5.5" on 25" scapes. 15 buds with 3-way branching. Evergreen, midseason rebloomer. Fertile both ways. Violet Explosion x Out of the Blue  Limited availability. $100/df 


H. Monticello Mosaic ~ A really sweet diploid double, this 6" bloom is nicely fragrant.
Scapes are 31". Habit is semi-evergreen, blooming midseason. Branching is 3-way
with 14 buds. 85% double. Peach with rose eye and gold to green throat. Fertile both ways.
(You Angel You x Double Peach Schnapps) x Sentinel Solar Burst  $75/df 


H. Monticello Muse ~ This may be my best performing double yet. A lovely pink diploid with great branching and a sturdy scape (5-way, 23 buds). Blooms are 6.5" and scape height is 31". The petals are lightly ruffled with cream midribs. The throat is yellow to green. Habit is evergreen, blooming midseason to late. 90% double. Fertile both ways. (sdlg x Time to See) x Firefly Frenzy  $75/df 

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